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What is DDLSpot?
DDLSpot has been around since 2002. Every day we provide our visitors with hundreds of full version downloads including: software, games, movies, tv shows, music, e-books, and more. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use index and search engine for all kinds of downloads. With DDLSpot you can find the latest downloadable files from file sharing providers. Our site crawls the web several times a day for links to new files, and then adds them to our database, along with various other download details.

What does this site offer?
You can find almost every download available which has been uploaded to a file sharing site. Rather than searching countless other sites for your desired download you can find it here instead. Are you sick of viewing bloated download sites with ads, popups, excessive links, malicious code? We know time is valuable so our aim is to provide you with a clean, safe, fast site, where you can find and access the files quickly. We still allow you to visit the original source of the download if you need to view further details. For example, the download files may sometimes need a password to extract them. The original site where we sourced the links from can help provide these extra details. You can access the original site by clicking the "Original Site" link, located on every download title page.

How do I download these files?
It's easy, once you do it a few times you will be a pro at it. When you are on a download page you will see the download links are sorted by what file host provider they are located on. Most of these file hosting services offer a Free download option with restricted speed and features, usually limited to one file download at a time. However, if you pay for premium service the download will be unrestricted with more features, like no wait times, faster speed and parallel file downloads. It really depends how often you use the specific file host provider as to whether it is worthwhile buying a premium account.

Why are there multiple links?
Almost all files you download will be compressed into RAR format (eg: .rar, .r01) or ZIP (eg: .zip) archives. To extract these files you will need to have software installed such as WinRar. Having this software installed on your system is convenient if you plan on downloading these types of files often. Your download is usually split into parts (eg, .rar, .r00, .r01, etc). You need to download all parts before attempting to extract the file. Once all parts have been downloaded, ensure they have all been saved in the same folder. Then you can simply double-click on one of the files and it will open the appropriate extracting software (eg: WinRar). You can then extract (decompress/unpack) these files (parts). If the above sounds like jargon to you - don't worry! If it seems complex it really isn't. Once you do this once or twice you will be a pro at downloading from DDLSpot!

Why do some downloads use multiple file hosts?
These days more and more people are uploading their files to multiple file host providers. This is good because if the files are down on one site they can still be up on another site. This is what we call "Mirrors". They are efficient because they allow you to download a multi-part download without waiting between parts (eg: you can download part1 from nitroflare and part2 from uploadgig at the same time).

What do I do if the files are password protected?
The password is most likely the URL (possibly even with 'http://' and/or 'www.') from where the file was originally sourced. You can access the original site by clicking the "Original Site" link, located on every download title page. If you still can't find the password try contacting the poster or site administrator of the original site. Thankfully, the majority of files listed here are not password protected.

Does your website have spyware or viruses?
No way! DDLSpot does not contain any spyware / viruses or any other malicious code that can cause harm to your computer. However, we can not guarantee that every external link to the "Original Site" source will be a safe one. This is why we recommend you scan any downloaded files to ensure they are safe and to use Firefox or Chrome for more secure safe web browsing.

What security measures should I take when downloading?
Firstly, we recommend you scan the file(s) you download. AVG, NOD32, BitDefender, Kaspersky AntiVirus are some examples of antivirus software. These may be available for download directly from our site. If you don't scan your files with antivirus software there is a chance your computer can be infected. Most antivirus software will automatically scan any files incoming to your system (you shouldn't have to do it manually). We also recommend you use a secure web browser, eg: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Do you have a search plugin for Firefox?
Yes, you can look at our firefox search plugin here. After installation click on the Google logo in the search field on the top right corner of the browser window and choose "DDLSpot". You can now search for downloads on DDLSpot directly from your browser window.

Can I add my own download links to DDLSpot?
Not directly. However, you can access the "Original Site" links, located on every download title page to show you what site the download was sourced from. If you upload your download links to a source site there's a good chance you will be indexed on DDLSpot. Please be aware, we only index links which have a free download option (not just premium). If you have further questions please feel free to contact us.

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